Whether you are new to Latin dancing or already one of Toronto’s experienced dancers, Toronto Dance Fridays is dedicated to serving Toronto’s Latin dance community, whether its modern or classic Salsa, urban or traditional Bachata, you’ll find our DJs deliver just what your moves need. We offer our events in different venues to keep things fresh and exciting and we invite top schools and performers all the time so you can experience new styles and get to know new friends. In corporation with Toronto Latin Dance Passion we offer Friday Fusions on the 1st and 3rd Fridays at Estonian House, while we do Toronto Salsa All Stars at Dovercourt House and in corporation with the west side community.


We look forward to you coming to party with us. This site serves as the source for all of our event info, photos, videos, contact info and updates. Come out and let us deliver a truly exceptional party!




<strong>Azhwan: Organizer and DJ</strong>

Azhwan: Organizer and DJ


<strong>Kai: Graphic Designer</strong>

Kai: Graphic Designer



<strong>Oriana: Staff </strong>

Oriana: Staff




<b>Steve:</b> <b>DJ</b>

Steve: DJ


<b>Francisco:</b> <strong>Manager and</strong> <b>DJ</b>

Francisco: Manager and DJ


<b>Sandy: Staff</b>

Sandy: Staff



<b>Alice:</b> <b>Staff</b>

Alice: Staff


<b>John:</b> <b>Staff</b>

John: Staff



<b>Victoria: Web Designer</b>

Victoria: Web Designer



<b>Rob: DJ Duck</b>

Rob: DJ Duck