United Salseros InstructorsCLASSES

Beginner Salsa

Carlos and Dori will teach a 6-week Beginner Salsa course at Estonian House. No dance experience necessary. Expect a fun & easy-going class that includes proper technique from day one. The style of salsa is New York On2. Dori and Carlos will guide you through Partnerwork and Shines (what happens when your partner lets you go) so you’ll be dancing with flare in no time! No partner required. Students will rotate frequently so you have a chance to dance with everyone!



Intermediate On2 Salsa for On1 Dancers

Already know a few steps? If you currently dance Salsa On1, or have tried On2 but somehow always end up back On1, this class is for you! During this 6-week Intermediate Salsa class, Carlos and Dori will go beyond showing you the differences in timing between On1 and On2. They will explore the music, help you hear various instruments within it, and explain what to listen for so you stay on time (and improve your musicality too!). Once the fundamentals are grasped, you’ll learn how to transition key salsa moves from On1 to On2 – without slipping back to On1. And… you might just learn some new shines, lead variations and sexy styling too!


What to Wear / Bring:

  • Wear comfortable and lightweightclothing as you will get a light workout!
  • Bring awater bottle.



  • Ensure your shoes have a slippery sole (plastic/leather). Avoid runners/ sneakers. (They have rubber soles and will stick to the floors).Shoes should be comfortable. We don’t recommend flip flops.
  • Suggestions for men: Dress shoes with smooth leather bottoms (no tread).
  • Suggestions for ladies: Flats or heels. Your foot should be securely held in your shoe.  In the case of heels, ensure it is not too high and not platform.