Full Weekend Package (Earlybird)


*Early Bird Price:     $65+ (3% online fees)
Both night passes (on Fri & Sat) + all workshops


*Early Bird Price:     $65+ (3% online fees)

Full Pass includes the following:

Both events on Friday night and Saturday night, starts with 5 shows followed by 4 hours of social dancing with international and national artists. We have invited the most skilled djs in the market to play nothing but the best of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba in 3 separate rooms.

Workshops schedules on Friday and Saturday are as follows:

Friday (At Estonian House):

1) Beginner Bachata Bootcamp (Friday 7pm~8pm)

2) Beginner Salsa Bootcamp (Friday 8pm~9pm)

Saturday (At Estonian House)

1) Intro to Sensual Bachata (Sat: 9:30am~11am – Room1)

2) Ladies Styling (Sat 11am~ 12:30pm – Room1)

3) Performance’s Techniques (Intense high level workshop) (Sat 12:30pm~2pm – Room 1)

4) Intermediate/Advanced Sensual Bachata (Sat 12:30pm~2pm – Room 2)

5) Intermediate Salsa Turn Pattern (Sat 2:pm~3:30pm – Room 1)

6) Advanced/Pro Salsa turn pattern (Sat 3:30pm~5pm – Room 1)

7) Body movement and Isolation (Sat 5pm~6:30pm – Room 1)

8) Modern Bachata with contemporary dance elements (6:30pm~8pm – Room 1)

9) NY shines and footwork (Sat 8pm~9pm – Room 1)